It’s increasingly hard for today’s busy small & medium-size business owners to stay on top of all the paperwork and bookkeeping. Work hours need tracking, invoices need to be created and sent out, open receivables need following up, bills need to be paid and then there’s all the stress over getting ready for tax time. Why face the worries of trying (and missing deadlines) when your demanding business needs you for more important things?

Hiring or “outsourcing” a professional bookkeeper is much less expensive, than spending your own valuable time on it when you should be building and running your business. You run the clear risk of not doing the books correctly…or not getting to your bookkeeping at all!

EDGE bookkeeping will get your bills paid on time, every time. Your invoices will go out on time, every time.
You undoubtedly think about tax season at the end of each year, a good bookkeeper is thinking about your taxes all year long. A really good bookkeeper makes tax season a non-event for their clients. Rather than carrying the ever-growing weight of trying to find the time to get ready for tax season, a business owner’s time and energy are much better spent on running the business they love and growing their profit.

  • A good bookkeeper will improve your cash flow.
  • A good bookkeeper will help you plan strategically and avoid financial surprises.
  • A good bookkeeper will be proactive.
  • A good bookkeeper will organize and maintain your books correctly ALL year long according to standard account principles.

Do what you’re good at. Just because something needs to be done, doesn’t mean you should do it. Small business owners practice false economy by trying to do everything themselves. Businesses succeed when owners focus on their core competency and outsource the rest.

When you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping to EDGE, you’ll save on the costs and headaches of hiring bookkeeping employees. You’ll save on incurring the costs of:

  • Payroll Taxes
  • Health Insurance & other benefits
  • Absenteeism
  • Hiring / firing
  • HR
  • Office equipment
  • Office space
  • Computers
  • Office supplies
  • Office furniture

Although we can be onsite whenever necessary, we have our own offices, hosted systems and software so that we’re not underfoot, taking up space and resources when you don’t need us there. That’s part of the beauty of outsourcing a bookkeeper or accountant specialist.