Open Receivables Follow-up

Need help staying on top of past-due invoices? Overdue receivables are a common but frustrating problem for many businesses. It’s an awkward and difficult conversation for many business owners to have with a customer. Let us step in and help you with this! Sometimes it helps to have someone else do the Past-due Follow-ups so they don’t affect your relationship with your client. Blame it on your accounting department!

We can help streamline your invoicing processes, and use our reminders and follow-up systems to get the money you’re owed off the books and into your bank account!

“Open Receivables Follow-Up” or “Receivables Management” is a touchy subject between an owner and their client. As the owner of a business, you want to keep a good relationship with each client and not jeopardize future business with them. It’s often hard to demand full and timely payments.

However, you can’t run your business if you’re not getting paid on time and are increasingly hampered by cash flow problems. In fact, the entire well-being of your business depends on bringing payments in on time. Employees won’t wait to get paid. Rent and other monthly bills won’t wait to get paid. Your relationship with suppliers is at risk if you don’t get paid on time. And often, if you don’t bill clients on time, they might even assume you don’t need the money, so it becomes less compelling for them to pay what they owe you on time.

The biggest single cause of failure of small businesses comes from not properly managing collections and cash flow.

It’s often difficult for the same person who’s working hard to please clients, to be the same person to bring up the subject of past due payments. EDGE Bookkeeping & Accounting utilizes a system of Open Receivables Follow-up that lets you, the business owner, focus on your clients while we make sure that accounts are paid on time and the anxiety and stress of cash flow challenges is avoided.

We want you to have money in the bank when you need it and be free of clash flow problems

At EDGE Bookkeeping & Accounting, we’ll make sure the invoices go out on time and that the follow-up is prompt, courteous and effective.

We want you to do what you SHOULD be doing as an owner: focusing on your business; strengthening relationships with your employees, clients and referral sources; and growing your sales with an ever expanding book of clients. Outsourcing your Receivables Management keeps the focus of your business on the work you’re passionate about, your employees and your clients.

It’s important that as a business owner, you’re able to be the smiling and friendly face your customers want to see. That can be hard to do when you or your staff are also involved in collections. Through a system of timely & friendly Receivables Follow-up, we can avoid past due invoices and collections problems before they even start. Relying on EDGE Bookkeeping & Accounting to handle Receivables Follow-up gives you the freedom to focus on the relationships between your company and your clients, keeping it positive and generating future sales and long-term growth.

Need Help With Open Receivables Follow Ups?