Bookkeeping Catch-up & Clean-up

Bring us your tired, worn, dusty piles of bills, invoices, receipts and accounting paperwork ~ we’ll turn them into beautiful tax-ready reports your CPA will love.

If you’re several years behind in your bookkeeping, we can help. Our expert team will work with you to fill in the gaps and get your books up to date and taxes ready to file.

In most small to medium sized businesses, the needs of the customers come first…which means that, as a business owner, the piles of paperwork sitting on your desk come last. As those piles of paperwork grow, the time and energy to address them becomes more daunting with each passing day.

Then, the avoidance mechanism kicks in: the paperwork pile becomes an energy drain and something you just try not to look at. Soon, customers aren’t getting invoiced, bills aren’t getting paid and sooner than you’d expect, a creditor shows up to repossess a truck or some other piece of equipment.

Have you finally reached a point where the books need to be cleaned up once and for all or you might go down with the ship? Our team at EDGE will bring all your accounts up to date and give you the financial reporting to put you back on top of your business. Your business needs you, your family needs you, and your years of knowledge, experience and passion should be directed at the things in your business that only you can do.

At EDGE, We Think About Bills & Invoices All Day Long

At EDGE, we think about bills and invoices all day long. We’re experts at taming the paperwork monster. Let us take the Accounting & Bookkeeping burden off your back. We will do it better and in the end, cheaper. You’ll have the time and energy to answer the call of your business.

We’ll whisk away the piles of paperwork, organize and scan them directly into our system with receipts attached directly to transactions, available in an instant, not just so you can be prepared for tax time or in the event you’re faced with an audit, but also so you can strategize and plan for success!

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