Back Office Accounts Receivable/Payable

Many small and medium-sized business owners ask themselves: “Can I afford outsourced accounting?” Our honest answer is: …“Can you afford not to?”

Sometimes you need more than monthly reporting. We can help pay your business bills, invoice your customers and follow up on past due accounts. Let us handle the bookkeeping and reporting to keep you in control of your money while you focus on running your business.

Many small businesses don’t get their invoices out in a consistent and timely manner. The resulting stress and instability to their business can be debilitating and even disastrous. An efficient and carefully scheduled invoicing system is critical to stabilizing cash flow. And as any business owner knows, Cash Flow will make or break your business! Organized accounting stabilizes cash flow by managing Receivables & Payables correctly.

As soon as EDGE begins organizing and optimizing your accounting system, you’ll be relieved to see your Accounts Receivable and Payable improve. Getting paid on time by your clients is critical to managing cash flow. Paying bills on time helps keep company work vehicles in the driveway and your employees on the job.

The EDGE Bookkeeping & Accounting system not only ensures that your invoices go out on time, we also offer the added commitment to follow up on past due invoices as part of our “Open Receivables Follow-up” services.

When you get your bills paid on time you also avoid those maddening late fees!

IMPORTANT TIP! Many vendors provide discounts for payments made on time! EDGE Bookkeeping & Accounting services will enable you to take advantage of those discounts and improve your bottom line.

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