Edge Accounting FAQs

Do I need to clean up my books before EDGE can help me?2022-03-25T23:47:24+00:00

No, we’ll include cleanup as part of the estimate. We’ll clean up your Chart of Accounts and reclassify transactions as needed so everything is in the place and reports are clean, accurate, and easy to read.

How much does EDGE cost?2022-10-28T00:05:32+00:00

EDGE charges a flat monthly fee, based on the services we provide, so you can plan your budget.

What exactly can EDGE do for me? What other services can you help with?2022-03-25T16:21:52+00:00

EDGE can help with many tasks that business owners face:

  • Bill Payment
  • Invoicing and Past-due follow-up
  • State and Federal notices and filings
  • Cash Flow Management and Projections
Do you work with start-ups and one-person businesses?2022-03-25T16:20:35+00:00

Yes! We offer packages for businesses of all sizes.

What will you need from me?2022-03-25T16:19:11+00:00

Bank statements and transactions – these documents should be (preferably) made available online or forwarded to our office on a monthly basis, as this will enable us to provide you with a current, meaningful and useful financial statement.

I’m way behind on my accounting – can you help me get caught up?2022-03-25T16:17:27+00:00

Yes! We specialize in bookkeeping catch up.

How much will it cost?2022-03-25T16:16:49+00:00

We’ll let you know up front so you can budget. If you need help with special projects; we’ll give you an estimate.

Do you provide any advice on understanding financial statements?2022-10-27T23:59:56+00:00

Yes! We work hard to give our business owners accurate financial reporting but we also help them understand and utilize those reports in order to make good business decisions. Our goal is not just accurate bookkeeping, our goal is to help our business owners succeed. We’re your ally, partner, confidante, that person you can turn to for information and advice. We work with many different business owners in many different businesses but their problems are often the same. We’ve seen the problems before and we know how to help them find solutions.

Do you sort out and compile receipts & invoices that end up sitting in a shoe box for months?2022-03-25T16:13:17+00:00

Indeed we do! We create and maintain order in your financial system. We like to keep the business owner relaxed and proactive, with accurate financial information at their fingertips. Bills paid on time, revenue collected on time so that cash flow crises are avoided and tax time is a non-event.

Do you teach QuickBooks?2022-03-25T16:08:26+00:00

Yes, we do! We love to teach! Our passion is helping business owners. We can help you do it yourself to save some money …or we can do it all and let you focus on what you should be doing!

Do you work with all versions of QuickBooks?2022-03-25T15:59:17+00:00

Yes, we work with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop – we can even help you upgrade to newer versions if needed. We also work with Quickbooks Online, as well as Xero.

How can I tell whether it’s worth my time to learn Quickbooks and try to handle my own bookkeeping?2022-03-25T15:58:22+00:00

As a business owner, you know what’s really important and you also know all the obstacles that keep you from doing that. Most business owners know what they should be doing with their time in order to make their business succeed. You may start the day with clear goals and the right priorities, but all too often, the urgent overcomes the important — paperwork, phone calls and other compelling distractions pull you away from your real priorities.

What analytical feedback can you offer, if any, on the bookkeeping numbers you provide, once everything is caught up? Do you offer any reports? How often are reports available? …and are they really that essential to have? I think I usually have a basic gut feeling as to how my business is doing.2022-11-01T17:34:38+00:00

Running a business on a “gut feeling” is more like gambling than managing…

Gut feelings are better than nothing; but gut feelings can be wrong . . . and being wrong can be expensive. Knowing your real numbers is essential to making sound business decisions. There’s no substitute for accurate, timely reporting. You can also benchmark your business against your competitors’ average numbers. (This information is available if you know where to look.)

Our clients have a solid handle on Inventory, Payables, Receivables, where they are making money and where they are losing money as well as hidden costs that accurate reporting uncovers.

And, of course, you can’t cover expenses, file a tax return or apply for a loan with a “gut feeling” about your business.

What are bookkeeping services?2022-03-25T15:56:04+00:00

A bookkeeper is the mechanic of a company’s financial engine. They keep everything in order and properly maintained so that the machine is producing accurate financial information and manages the necessary functions to keep the business running. A good bookkeeper does things like sending invoices, paying bills, tracking all the numbers and ensuring the business owner has accurate financial information to make good business decisions.

What if I don’t have time for my own bookkeeping?2022-03-25T15:55:06+00:00

“I’m too busy to get anything done!” is something we often hear from harried business owners. This is our favorite type of client to work with because our services can help them re-energize and refocus on what they should be doing while we keep the “b.s.” off their back.

What size company is too big or too small?2022-03-25T15:49:41+00:00

No company is too big or too small. Our services simply vary to meet each company’s unique needs.

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