QuickBooks Setup, Training & Support

Do you want to do your own bookkeeping but also make sure you’re doing it right? We can start you off on the right foot by setting up your Chart of Accounts, Vendors, Customers, etc. And we’re here to answer questions and help you get underway.

If you intend to do your own business bookkeeping, we believe it’s essential to have a Pro help you get Quickbooks set up correctly, right from the start, as you create your business bookkeeping system. Getting the “Chart of Accounts” set up properly from the beginning will save you from countless headaches. Not doing this can result in the need to go back and re-do and reassign large amounts of transactions later, when it’s much more difficult.

EDGE Accounting & Bookkeeping uses Intuit’s highest-rated Quickbooks professional accounting system exclusively. For small business owners interested in learning how to use this versatile and sophisticated bookkeeping system themselves, we offer group Quickbooks training sessions, as well as one-on-one personalized training.

Our Process

Getting the initial Set-up of your accounting system right is critical. It calls to mind the old adage: “Garbage in, garbage out.” The unfortunate business owner who sets up their bookkeeping system incorrectly and fills it with years of data won’t be able to get the information they need, in the format they’ll need — resulting in massive amounts of time and money spent on bookkeeping clean-up and reclassification.

At EDGE Bookkeeping & Accounting, we’re experts at Quickbooks. We can provide you with Quickbooks training in a low pressure, friendly atmosphere so that you can see how powerful and stress-free it feels to run a streamlined bookkeeping system that offers you information and insight when you need it.

EDGE bookkeepers begin with standard industry templates for your business type, analyze your specific business and then customize a “Chart of Accounts” for your unique particulars. We then work with you to navigate and learn the proper Quickbooks accounting system for your needs. We’ll work with you as long as necessary to make sure you’re recording data properly, getting all your questions answered and have a bookkeeping system that will grow with your business for years to come. We can check in monthly or quarterly to make sure everything is on track.

We’ll help you set up:

  • Item List
  • Class List
  • Inventory & Service Items

We’ll also:

  • Install the software
  • Design and set up the Chart of Accounts
  • Set the all-important determination of your Quickbooks Starting Date

We’ll show you how to:

  • Enter customers and vendors into your accounting system correctly
  • Create invoices
  • Properly receive payments
  • Create a customized invoice template for your company, complete with your logo & company information, so that you have a great branded invoice that represents your business at its best and gives you a professional & competitive EDGE with your clients.

Initial installation and setup of a Quickbooks accounting system takes time and is a one-time activity. Taking your precious time and energy to figure out something you only need to do once is not a leveraged use of your time & resources. EDGE will help transfer information from your old system, if there is one, create your bank and credit card accounts and bring them up to date in the new Quickbooks system. We’ll enter & transfer any outstanding accounts receivable and accounts payable and bring everything up to date.

Looking For Help With Your QuickBooks Setup?