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Reports are great ⁠— if you know how to read them. Running a business is not easy and it can feel lonely at the top. Are you worried about cash flow and how to know if you’ll have enough to pay the bills and cover payroll? Wonder if your expenses are in line with others in your industry? Have you received a letter from a regulatory agency you’re not sure how to handle? We can help with a Dedicated Trusted Advisor who’ll give you the information you need to run a better business.

“CFO” Business Advisory Consulting

Business owners face an endless array of tough challenges and worries but sometimes have few, if any, trusted confidants with whom they can safely share the burden. It is indeed “lonely at the top.” At EDGE Bookkeeping & Accounting, we’re experienced with a wide range of issues and problems faced by owners of small to medium-sized businesses. The problems you are encountering for the first time, we’ve seen and solved for other business owners before.

Hopefully, problems eventually bring us perspective but it’s usually hard to step back in the heat of things and look at your own actions objectively. We can help you analyze what’s working and what isn’t from the perspective of business experts who’ve “been there & done that.”

EDGE Bookkeeping & Accounting offers a uniquely informed and experienced CFO / Trusted Advisor service to help you make sense of your tricky business challenges, as well as the everyday financial tasks. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • You have the numbers, but do you know what they mean and how to use them?
  • Do you know how your numbers compare to your benchmarks?
  • Do you know how they compare to other businesses in your industry?

When you need help with decisions that may feel beyond your expertise or comfort zone, working with an EDGE CFO / Trusted Advisor is like having an objective business partner and business management consultant on your team.

EDGE can offer insight on pricing your products and services properly; satisfying your client base according to profit; explore your numbers to help you understand if you’re losing money …and if you are, where and why. We’ll help you put good accounting systems in place; make the best use of your existing staff; work on cash flow management; payroll and contract management; as well as resource planning.

Reconciling Bank Statements

It’s great to fill your Quickbooks account with transactions… In fact, it’s essential to enter all of your company’s business transactions into some type of accounting system. Whether your business has 30 employees, just one — or even just yourself — it’s important to track the checks written, the deposits made and the debit transactions that have taken place and know the true balance in your bank accounts. However, this information is useless or even worse, misleading, if nobody is reconciling the accounts on a regular basis. Have checks been entered twice? Has a deposit been entered as an expense? Is anything missing? These mistakes happen and can only be uncovered through proper reconciliation.

Just as you should balance your personal checkbook and bank statements each month — making sure that the transactions and balances at the bank match your own accounting, likewise, good business accounting requires that all transactions have been entered correctly so that your expenses and income reports are accurate — giving you the true balance in your business bank account.

No business owner wants to have income reports that are inaccurate and misleading. Relying on balances that just aren’t there can cause a world of pain when it comes to business. It would mean that the information you give your accountant for tax preparation might result in you paying more tax than you actually owe! Or even worse, if you get the numbers wrong in declaring your income, and come up short, you could get yourself into very hot water with the IRS — and that’s one thing you definitely don’t want to do!

EDGE Bookkeeping & Accounting provides accurate, organized reporting that your tax preparer will love! We’ll make tax time a non-event.

Improve Your Credit, Get More Money & Get The Bigger Clients!

Access to additional capital can often be critical to business growth. Developing good business credit by paying your bills on time is essential to building good credit and great relationships with your vendors. It’s essential for growing something known as “greater capacity.” Having a good history with a vendor can often mean that the vendor will extend additional credit, or greater capacity, when you need it. This gives you the ability to take on and succeed at that big job opportunity when it comes along.

Think about whether your accounting system is costing you or saving you money. We think you’ll find that having somebody take the burden of bookkeeping off your back — and do it right — will enable you to land that big contract that you might not have won had you been bogged down in paperwork. We think you’ll see that the decision to rely on EDGE Bookkeeping & Accounting has the potential to fundamentally change the trajectory of your business and your future.

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